You don’t have to be an ‘alcoholic’ to change your relationship with alcohol.

One of the biggest problems in society when it comes to alcohol is this;

You’re placed into one of two buckets. 1 – You fit into the habitual drinking culture or 2 – You’re deemed as ‘having a problem’.

And the only time you gain permission from society to drink less is when you fit into the 2nd bucket.

It’s almost like you have to be an alcoholic or such a level of such dysfunction that people acknowledge your steps to drink less.

If you don’t fit into this bucket you’re deemed as ‘different’ or ‘odd’ or “you don’t even drink much already, what’s the problem” or “who cares just have another one”.

So if you’re anything like I was, you’re stuck between two worlds;

– You don’t really want to be in the habitual, binge drinking culture anymore


– You also don’t feel like being in the outcast, I’ve got huge alcohol problems kind of group either

So where do you go?

Talk about feeling lost & unsure.

No wonder you struggle to change your relationship with alcohol until now.

The key here is to search and find that 3rd group.

The group of people who are generally quite happy and successful yet believe it’s ok to drink less anyway.

The group who don’t deem themselves as alcoholics.

The group who simply say “fuck this, I want more from myself and I don’t have to be struggling to do so”

Does any of this resonate with you? 

Have or are you experiencing this?

Here’s to drinking less and feeling fresh,

Tom Cartwright

Drink Less Feel Fresh.

  1. Belinda Roulston 5 years ago

    I dont know why people need to do to be uncomfortable with saying no to drinking.
    It may be they are not ready to give up drinking, not confident in standing up for them selves, or some other reason they are not ready to acknowledge.
    Alcohol shouldn’t rule our life, but it doesn’t need to be a negative thing if you have one or two drinks.
    It’s about having the confidence in saying i am only going to have two and then stop, and having the self control to stick with that.
    Set hour boundary, stick with it, and if you get negative feedback walk away from the situation without feeling guilt.

    • Author
      Tom Cartwright 5 years ago

      Really well said Belinda. Thanks for your engagement on this page.

  2. Scott 5 years ago

    Hi Tom…Thanks for this post. I definitely feel like this at the moment.

    • Author
      Tom Cartwright 5 years ago

      Thanks for your comment Scott. Really glad this resonated with you.

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