Until you give yourself the permission to have a drink, you’ll always struggle to figure out how to choose not to drink.

So many people tell me I’m crazy for telling big drinkers to allow themselves to have a drink.

But these people don’t realise, I’m not telling them to drink alcohol.

I’m telling them to take responsibility for the choices they are claiming they don’t have a choice over.

If they can accept they are choosing alcohol every day and not the victim of it, they’ll be one step closer to choosing not to have it.

‘Choice’ works on equal sides of the scale.

You can’t play victim to alcohol and then demand you have freedom of choice to choose not to drink alcohol.

It doesn’t work that way.

Choice and freedom are a by-product of taking responsibility.

If you want more choices to drink less, take more responsibility on your choice to drink more.

Funny things will happen

Trust me – Give it a go 👍


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