Lockdown experiences are forcing people to be with themselves.

Less avoidance, busyness, and ‘doing’.

More sitting, noticing, reflection, thinking & feeling.

Interestingly enough, the No.1 trigger to run an addictive pattern is the need to run from self. The need to avoid certain thoughts and feelings that arise when not busy or distracted.

So the more some people have to face themselves (be with themselves during lockdown), often the more they need to run from themselves.

This of course isn’t a blanket statement and is relevant to which someone can;

1) Experience their thoughts without attachment to them. Meaning – The ability to experience thought and either accept it or let it go rather than need to run from it by suppressing it with alcohol

2) Feel their emotions/feelings without resisting or holding onto them. Meaning, being comfortable enough to handle the uncomfortable emotions/feelings in your body.

The art of drinking less is a reflection of the art of getting to know yourself, trust yourself, and handle yourself.

Big love to everyone who’s experiencing a tough time at the moment. 2020/21 has completely changed the social construct in which we used to navigate our emotional self Through physical and visual interaction.

This change has resulted in individuals having to emotionally regulate on their own.

Without human-to-human connection, the brain will look for relationships you have with other things (like alcohol for example) and connect you to them.

Then you use alcohol to either feel emotions, suppress emotions, and simply regulate your body.

Just like we do with people 🙂

This is exactly what human-to-human connection is for – To help regulate our emotional experience through connection.

It only makes sense that some individuals are drinking more during the lockdown.

Their body is deeply trying to connect with itself.

The only problem with this is unless you smile and are proud of your alcohol intake, you’re probably causing disconnection within yourself.


Because the outcome of disconnection is feeling guilt.

If you feel guilty after drinking, you’re creating disconnection within yourself and increasing the need for connection. Which will lead you to your next glass of alcohol.

Simply knowing this process, being aware of why you do or don’t drink can be all the difference when making a different choice.

Remember this;

– You drink to connect
– You drink to regulate emotion
– Drinking causing disconnection
– Drinking slows down your ability to self regulate

In saying that;

– Take it easy on yourself
– Call a friend before pouring a glass
– Get to know your emotions
– Challenge yourself to sit with yourself when you feel uncomfortable
– Take more daytime naps (drinking to avoid being tired is a big one)


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