What’s all the fuss about sobriety challenges?

When it comes to changing your relationship with alcohol, there is a proven time frame & strategy to create the results you want.

However, it is not necessary to do the full 90 days. It all depends on what would be a stretch for you.

The question to ask yourself is;

“What amount of time is long enough to really stretch myself and challenge me when it comes to not drinking? And if I reached these results, would it mean I can actually conquer and overcome alcohol instead of being reliant on it?”

Would it be 90 days? One month? For some it would be two weeks or 7 days.

You see, it’s not actually about the time frame. It’s about breaking your limiting beliefs of what is possible for and your alcohol reduction journey.

If you set yourself a sobriety target that seems comfortable, you missed the point completely, as there won’t be any internal growth.

The target must scare you, challenge you and almost seem impossible.

The target is designed to stretch your internal world (Your character, your values & your beliefs).

From doing this, you can & will create a relationship with alcohol you love and respect.

You will have choice.

You will develop an identity that can handle any situation without alcohol for comfort, certainty or confidence.

Once achieved, you can choose whether you want to drink or not. Which is the real outcome, isn’t it?


Still with us? Great. Maybe the 90 days is for you.

So, why is 90 days specifically such a great place to start?

Well here’s the top 5 reasons why 90 days is the perfect length of time;

  1. 90 days of sobriety is about stretching yourself just long enough for it to be an epic challenge and obstacle. It shouldn’t be easy. You character in life is built through challenge, not ease. Once achieved this sobriety period, you can ask yourself if you’d like to continue being sober or you can look to change your relationship with alcohol for the long run.
  2. In order to change your relationship with alcohol you must prove to yourself first, that you can live without it. Once you achieve this, your brain drops the reliance and any beliefs that you do need alcohol. This is when things get interesting. Once alcohol is a choice for you, rather than a need, you can begin learning how to drink lower amounts of alcohol.
  3. We’ve found 90 days is the length of time that will enable you to let go of any un-resourceful beliefs about alcohol and what you are capable of. Anything less than this can be achieved through sheer will power and suppressing any emotions that arise along the way.
  4. 90 days allows the body to completely detox and experience the world naturally. This means experiencing the world without mind-altering substances. This is where much of your emotional intelligence increases. This is an emotional intelligence game more than an alcohol reduction game. Picking up 1 drink interrupts your emotional intelligence growth as even 1 drink will suppress emotions that you are or about to experience. I’ll say that again. This is more about emotional intelligence than alcohol reduction. The only thing that ever triggers someone to drink is an emotion they don’t want to feel. So, they suppress it with alcohol. Most 90-day challenge members start to experience a range of emotions at about 8-12 weeks. This is exactly what you want to experience.
  5. Change occurs outside your comfort zone. So, trying to change your relationship with alcohol whilst still drinking is only there to keep you safe & comfortable and delays your long-term growth. This prevents you from overcoming the real problem. We must realise that alcohol isn’t the problem. The real problem is learning to experiencing emotions & feelings naturally. Without supressing them with alcohol. This is where all the magic happens. The problems are the emotions that we do or do not know how to express without alcohol.
    • It could be sadness, vulnerability, feeling left out of the tribe, alone, board, excited, happy, the list goes on. The magic lies within realising that alcohol was never the real problem.
    • The real problem was apparently we couldn’t be ourselves without it.
    • When we truly experience the world without the safety of alcohol and fitting in with the social expectation to drink, anything is possible for you.

Are you committed to living with choice?

Are you committed to developing a relationship with alcohol you love and respect?

Whether it’s lowering your intake or staying completely sober, maybe our 90-Day Sobriety Challenge is for you.

Follow this link to check out what all the buzz is about and see how many others are loving their alcohol reduction journey – https://www.drinklessfeelfresh.com/sobriety-challenges/

Here’s to drinking less and feeling fresh,

Tom Cartwright

Founder of The 90 Day Sobriety Challenge


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