Do You Want to Reduce Your Alcohol Intake –  But Still Enjoy A Beverage From Time to Time?

At Drink Less Feel Fresh, we help our clients take control of their drinking habits by reducing their intake to a level they love & respect. The aim of the game is choice & freedom, rather than abstinence or need.

Many of our clients feel like they are stuck between a rock & a hard place. They want to change their relationship with alcohol but don’t want to be labelled an ‘addict’ or shamed for ‘having a problem’. So they continue drinking & simply put up with the negative repercussions.

We provide the most attractive, fun & engaging approach to alcohol reduction. Leaving clients in a position to socialise confidently without alcohol, switch off at the end of the day without a glass of wine – or simply stop drinking when they know they’ve had enough.

Betrayal & Alcohol – What’s the link?

Join Our Sober October Game!

The Sober October Drink Less Game will help you reduce your alcohol intake, crush your October goals. All whilst having some fun & winning prizes along the way!

👉 Gain access to our mobile friendly gaming app
👉 Play the game alongside a group of individuals holding each other accountable
👉 Complete actions every day to win coins
👉 Trade your coins in for prizes along the way
👉 The more coins you earn, the further up the leader board you go

Meet Our Founder


Tom Cartwright is the Founder of Drink Less Feel Fresh & one of Australia’s leading coaches for substance abuse such as alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. His passion for working with clients to overcome addiction and live a life of choice has been fuelled from his own inspiring story.

After struggling for many years with gambling and drinking addictions, Tom decided to gamble on himself & go all in on his future – and master the art of overcoming addictive behaviours.

He has built his successful coaching practice from working with one-on-one clients across the globe & now specialising with this online sobriety challenge.

Tom Cartwright

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