What does the entrepreneurial mindset have to do with alcohol reduction?


Entrepreneurial mindset comes down to self-leadership rather than reliance based leadership.

Self-leadership: Walking the walk. Practising what you preach. Being the example

Reliance based leadership: Needing people above or below you to do things for you to be ok as a ‘leader’

And reliance based leadership is what causes alcohol addiction. We are reliant on alcohol to help us feel safe.

So when it comes to reducing your alcohol intake, you don’t necessarily want to be told what or how to do it.

✅ You want to be shown how it’s done.
✅ You want to apply it yourself
✅ And then you want to teach it to others.

The fastest way to teach someone is through demonstration & self-leadership.

I’ll give you a real-life example and feel free to let me know if you’ve experienced something similar.

I used to work in a bar. As a bartender.

I had a ‘boss’.

Instead of this boss telling me to wipe down dirty tables, my boss would walk into the bar, reach behind the bench and grab a wet cloth.

He would look at me in the eyes and without showing any signs of anger or frustration, he would go and wipe down every table and tuck in the chairs.

He would return the cloth and go back into the office.

He was practising self-leadership and teaching his staff (me) exactly how to behave in a professional way.

This was the first time I had a ‘boss’ who didn’t show anger, frustration, or simply demand I do things their way.

He showed the way and trusted I would grow.

Soon after, I was behaving the same way. My laziness turned into passionate action.

Ever since this learning, I’ve had a clear view of self-leadership rather than reliance based leadership.

So when it comes to changing your behaviour;

1) Watch someone who practices what they preach

2) Be a model of excellence for others

3) Don’t tell someone you’re changing, show them

Remember –

“ A child will follow what you do, not what you say”

🔥 Self-leadership starts with who you are today, not who you might be tomorrow 🔥



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