Unable to ask for help?

Finding it difficult to open up and share yourself?

The key to overcoming this problem is by knowing this;

Your ego is a survival mechanism. The fight or flight response kicks in whenever it can to keep you safe.

KNOW THIS: It can’t tell the difference between a life threatening situation and a situation that is simply outside your comfort zone.

It would actually do the same thing if you were standing next to a venomous snake or if you were about to public speak, or ask for help for the first time.

Be aware that your ego is kicking in as it thinks you are in a life threatening situation.

Asking for help is not a life threatening situation. It’s the situation that will enable you to thrive.

THRIVE or THRIVING is not what the Fight or Flight response is designed for.

So let’s acknowledge our ego for keeping us safe and kindly put it aside when we want to ask for help.

Because you’ll be ok. You will be ok.



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