Every day people talk about the benefits of drinking less.

Very few talk about the challenges/obstacles you’ll need to face to get there.

Want to know what the biggest challenge will be for you?

OK, here it is.

When you quit alcohol, you’ll no longer have anywhere to hide.

Personally or socially, you’ll no longer have access to Australia’s most acceptable masking strategy there is – Alcohol.

– Feeling awkward in a social setting sober?

Can’t hide behind a few drinks.

– Feeling frustrated with the partner or kids?

Can’t smash a couple wines to produce a false sense of patience.

– Want to have a deeply intimate conversation or passionate romantic life?

Can’t numb any insecurities by diluting your experience with a few stiff drinks.

– Bored at home with your partner?

Can’t share a bottle of wine to trigger more trust in speaking what’s on your mind.

– Ready to take that special person on a first date?

Can’t have a cheeky one before the uber arrives to settle the nerves.

You see, the No.1 obstacle you’re about to face or are already facing is this.

You’ve removed a masking strategy.

Something that masks/dilutes what you truly think or feel.

Something that helps close the gap between who you really are and who you think you need to be for comfort, safety, acceptance.

For this reason alone, you honestly deserve much more than ‘sobriety’.

You’re embarking on a journey many will never dare to begin.

You’re attempting to show up to life. Warts and all.

No more hiding.

No more settling.

No more suppressing the daily feelings life throws our way.

You’re about to embark on a journey that requires more trust, courage, and acceptance than any bottle of wine could ever produce.

And because of this, you deserve to put your head on your pillow tonight… with a smile.

Sleep well tonight, knowing you are attempting something that’s truly courageous.

Sleep well tonight; as you know tomorrow, you’re about to attempt life’s greatest challenge.

Showing up, having a crack, and pushing ahead regardless of how the day goes.

As a nation, we have become far too comfortable helping each other deal with struggles via alcohol and medication.

Here’s to all of you who dare to embrace life without daily or weekly pain suppressors and pleasure stimulants like alcohol.

You’re inspiring

You’re incredible

Big love,

Tommy C


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