It’s Friday.

More often than not, the day all early-week alcohol reduction intentions fall wayside.

The day our emotional need to ‘switch off’ outweighs our heart’s desire to wake up Saturday feeling clear-headed and fresh.

The day we know we might break the commitments we made to ourselves, but the pain of ‘missing out’ seems to be stronger than the desire to stay committed.

And it’s moments like this when our excitement for alcohol is sometimes replaced with overwhelm, anxiety, and a fear of the guilt that will follow the day after.

We’re already preparing ourselves to deal with the guilt of letting ourselves down.

If you’re not experiencing this, chances are you have the relationship with alcohol you enjoy – so there’s nothing to change. Bottoms up

But if the above is a re-occurring experience for you, take a moment to realise- What was once your off switch (alcohol) is now your paralysing agent.

The original benefits of using alcohol to perform at higher levels have run their course.

Alcohol is now decreasing your performance and potentially at a debilitating rate.

There really is nothing wrong with alcohol. It’s an incredible resource.

How you utilise alcohol and the effects it has on your life determine whether it’s a problem or not.

To quickly contradict my previous sentence, you don’t actually have a problem with alcohol.

You have a problem committing and doing the work to live the life you want to live.

Your desire to wake up clear, fresh & confident must simply outweigh your need to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day/week.

Keep at it, Team,

You’ve got this 💪


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