The lawn mowing machine was flinging dirt & dust into the air as I strolled by.

A sense of frustration & the thought “could you pick another time to do that” arose in my body as the last thing I wanted in my freshly made coffee or on my plain white shirt, was dirt.

Seriously, how bloody annoying is this person & their lawnmower.

Frustration was about to ruin my morning.

Then I thought to myself;

Imagine if I smiled, waved and said good morning.

Within an instance, any frustration or discomfort immediately disappeared & I was laughing at myself.

Moral of the story:

1) It’s never the thing out there. It’s always you. Always.

2) You can’t make something about yourself and about others at the same time. Make it about them and your perception will shift.

3) Own up when you’re being a complete dick & thinking the world revolves around you.

Love ya,



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