Every time you drink to avoid dealing with life, you’re building debt.

Stress debt.

Alcohol seems to alleviate Stress in the moment, which it does.

The Stress of the day seems to disappear – Fantastic, isn’t it?

However, many don’t know this Stress is being stored to arise and be dealt with the following day. It’s incredible that our bodies can even do this. Suppress Stress in the moment so we can deal with it at a later date.

In saying that, if you are unaware of this and doing it ignorantly, more and more un-dealt with Stress builds up.

The bigger the stress debt you have built up, the bigger the emotional need to switch it off – mmmm, and what does alcohol seem to do so well? Exactly

Leaving you with a need to grab a beverage the following day.

So if anyone’s wondering why you say to yourself, “I’ll have a couple of drinks tonight but not tomorrow.”

And you end up drinking tomorrow, that’s why.

Trust this was helpful.

Happy Friday ✌️


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