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How would it feel to switch alcohol for a life of confidence and clarity?

Whether you want to lower your intake or live a life of sobriety, you are in the right place.

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A life of sobriety isn’t for everyone, however if you want to feel a part of a community and take total control, join us in this challenge to become the best version of yourself!

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Drink less feel fresh specialise in turning what can often be a scary, nervous or shameful problem into a positive, empowering and feel good solution.

Whether it’s challenging yourself to go all-out sober or changing your relationship with alcohol and wanting to drink less, these challenges are for you.

This challenge isn’t about looking at alcohol in a negative way. It’s looking at a healthier relationship with alcohol in a positive way. And when we understand this, it’s not such a ‘big deal’ to take a break from the grog.

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If you complete your entire challenge, can show us that you have applied the actions recommended and can’t see how this program and the learnings you’ve taken away from it have helped you towards overcoming your addiction and move towards sobriety, then simply send an email within a week of completing the challenge and we’ll refund you your investment. 

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