Many people are afraid, uncomfortable or simple just don’t know how to say ‘no’ to others.

They end up constantly running behaviours & doing certain things that they wish they didn’t.

They run out of time for….. themselves.

The key to living life doing what you love is by learning to put yourself first.

But that often doesn’t work so well if you struggle to say ‘no’.

The key here is to appreciate that you only need to say ‘yes’ to yourself.

Today, say yes to you. If saying yes to you means you don’t have the time and energy for someone else, that’s their problem. Not yours.

Rather than thinking about saying no to others, focus on saying yes to you.

Notice how quickly you’ll be backing yourself and your own desired behaviours.

Let’s all learn to say yes to us rather than no to others 🔥

Here’s to living with Choice
Here’s to feeling Fresh AF 😲



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