Our goal in life is not to reach sobriety

Our goal in life is to Live With Choice

So whether you choose to lower your intake, change your relationship with alcohol or even remain sober – My hat goes off to you.

It’s time we stopped separating ‘addicts’ from ‘casual drinkers’ or ‘social drinker’s’. We are all addicted to the external world.

There is no level of alcohol that is a problem. Until YOU say it’s a problem for yourself. And this is the power you have;

1) To choose it’s a problem rather than some Doctor or friend tell you it is


2) Choose to change your relationship with it

No one is different when it comes to alcohol.

The need for alcohol is simply the need to feel something in order not to feel something else.

Alcohol shifts our mood/feeling/emotions.

It is nothing more than stress reduction.

So don’t think about the diagnosis you’ve been given or the chemical imbalance driving you to think of alcohol.

That’s disempowering and the minute we take Choice away from ourselves is the minute we’ll be smashing more alcohol.

Here’s to all of you, who choose to change your relationship with alcohol.

Well done
You’ve got his Here’s to feeling fresh AF 🙌



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