We’re On a Mission To Help People Gain Control Over Their Relationship With Alcohol!

In a world where alcohol is the social norm, we love working with individuals who are looking to challenge the status quo!

We’re working to create a global shift on drinking – setting ourselves up for lives lived with confidence & clarity. By working with us, we’ll give you the tools needed to reclaim control of your drinking habits. 

We provide the most attractive, fun & engaging approach to alcohol reduction. Our shame free solution will leave you in a position to not need alcohol to socialise, or unwind at the end of the day. Here’s to raising our shitty standards on alcohol use!

Meet Our Founder

Tom Cartwright is the Founder of Drink Less Feel Fresh & one of Australia’s leading coaches for alcohol reduction. His passion for working with clients to overcome alcohol challenges and live a life of choice has been fuelled from his own inspiring story.

After struggling for many years with gambling and drinking addictions, Tom decided to gamble on himself & go all in on his future – and master the art of overcoming addictive behaviours.

He has built his successful coaching practice from working with one-on-one clients across the globe & now specialises with this head-turning approach to alcohol reduction – Drinking Less & Feeling Fresh!

Founder Tom Cartwright

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