Mission Control

Drink Less Feel Fresh is on a mission to support 500,000 individuals live a life of choice. A life of confidence and clarity that is not reliant on alcohol for comfort or certainty.

We are the worlds first shame-free solution to alcohol reduction and believe that you should feel fantastic about developing a relationship with alcohol you love and respect.

In a world where alcohol is the social norm, we love working with unique people who are looking to challenge the status quo and raise their standards.

Our goal is not to live a life of abstinence or sobriety, but to live a life of choice.

Here’s to raising our culture’s shitty standards on alcohol, creating a global shift, and setting ourselves up for lives lived with confidence and clarity.

If I can be really honest and real with you for a minute, I’m sick and tired of the old approach to solving addiction.

The culture we grow up in is one that supports habitual and heavy dinking but when you become reliant on alcohol or drink ‘too much’ you are then shamed for having a problem. You are sent to a private island with a secret rehab or secret meetings which no one should know about.

I know, it’s kind of crazy isn’t it?

No wonder why so many of us just put up with how much we all drink.

Back in 2014 I felt so ashamed because of my relationship with alcohol but I felt so lonely because everyone else was ‘fine’ with how much they drank. So I felt like an outcast and it added even more shame to wanting to drink less.

Isn’t that a little ridiculous? Feeling shameful for wanting a healthier life.

Well it doesn’t have to be like that and I’m determined to change the way we look at alcohol reduction. That’s really what lead me to creating the 90 Day Sobriety Challenge.

You see, I don’t love working with my clients because they have a problem. I love working with my clients because they want more from themselves.

And I believe you should feel amazing for wanting more from yourself.

Reducing my alcohol intake enabled me to overcome the fear of judgement, create a successful business, marry the woman of my dreams and create one hell of a fulfilling life.

Well, there’s a glimpse of me speaking from my heart and if anything resonated with you here, maybe I’ll see you in one of our programs.

Wishing you everything you are worth.

Much love,
Tom Cartwright

Tom Cartwright
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Tom Cartwright is the Founder of Drink Less Feel Fresh & one of Australia’s leading coaches for substance abuse such as alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

His passion for working with clients to overcome addiction and live a life of choice has been fuelled from his own inspiring story.

After struggling for many years with gambling and drinking addictions, Tom decided to gamble on himself, go all in on his future and master the art of overcoming addictive behaviours.

He has built his successful coaching practice from working with one-on-one clients across the globe & now specialising with this online sobriety challenge.

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