Meet The Team

Tom Cartwright


Tom Cartwright is the Founder of Drink Less Feel Fresh & one of Australia’s leading coaches for substance abuse such as alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

His passion for working with clients to overcome addiction and live a life of choice has been fuelled from his own inspiring story.

After struggling for many years with gambling and drinking addictions, Tom decided to gamble on himself, go all in on his future and master the art of overcoming addictive behaviours.

He has built his successful coaching practice from working with one-on-one clients across the globe & now specialising with this online sobriety challenge.

Kylie Broadfoot


Kylie Broadfoot is the founder and CEO of KMB Coaching. Her mission is to empower as many individuals as possible to live a life they love.

She assists high performing professionals and small business owners / entrepreneurs who have a tendency to try to keep everyone happy; put their own needs last and feel stressed; pressured and exhausted as a result, in spite of appearing calm and being highly capable.

Having learnt the keys to overcoming this for herself, and through being able to share the most effective and transformational world class methodologies and models, Kylie is able to assist with creating rapid and lasting change.

Jordan Kain


Hi! I’m Jordan, a fun-loving, knowledgeable and dedicated dietitian, nutritionist and exercise scientist. From the age that I was able to hold a wooden spoon in my hand, I could be found in the kitchen cooking, guided and inspired by my beautiful Mother.

As I grew, I combined my passion for cooking and love of health and science into a career to be proud of. My mission is to guide, educate and empower my clients to a space where they feel not only happier and healthier, but confident in their own nutrition. I look forward to joining you on your journey to better health!

Daniel Marshall


Introducing, Daniel Marshall. A self-proclaimed money management enthusiast and one of Australia’s leading coaches for money management and money mindset.

After working for 10+ years as a mechanical engineer in the Steel & Mining industry, he chose to break free of his addiction to comfort and pursue his passions and dreams.

His mission is to educate and empower extraordinary people to make great financial decisions and change their relationship with money.

Having gone through his own battles with alcohol and binge drinking, he has been able to turn his life around and start living a life he truly loves.

Nathaniel Hodges


Nathaniel is the Lead Behavioural Specialist & Head of Program Design at DLFF.

He has clocked over five thousand hours of one on one coaching and over one thousand hours of group delivery. What gives Nathaniel his unique touch and truly novel approach to life is his ability to pull seemingly conflicting world views under a coherent system that brings individuals to life, more choice, and ultimately freedom.

Nathaniel is a trained meditation teacher, independent researcher, owner of multiple businesses, and author of two books. He has also innovated an entirely new therapeutic model for contemporary professionals in which he consults and trains other advisors in his field. 

It is clear why Nathaniel has worked personally with some of Australia’s most well-known athletes and artists, as well as a roster of many CEO’s, fund managers, law firms, and successful business owners spanning every sector. We are beyond grateful Nathaniel also has a passion to support individuals in living with choice and freedom. Bringing his area of expertise to the DLFF Vision.

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