Here’s why! There are only ever two reasons why you drink alcohol.

There’s nothing wrong with this but it may be helpful to know if you’re on an alcohol reduction journey. We drink to either;

1) Enhance an emotion. Or

2) Suppress an emotion.

Alcohol is a resource people use to give themselves permission to either feel more deeply or avoid feeling deeply.

This is the ONLY reason why we drink.

Remember this the next time you find yourself drinking too;

– Celebrate

– Grieve

– Feel connection

– Feel safe

– Fit in

– Avoid loneliness

– Overcome boredom

– Deal with a relationship

– Reduce anxiety…… etc. etc.

Alcohol is a logical solution to an emotional problem.

How can knowing this dramatically reduce your alcohol intake?

Simply become aware of these 4 crucial steps to changing your relationship with alcohol;

1) Learn to handle your emotions

2) Learn to regulate your bodies emotional expression

3) Learn to give yourself permission to celebrate without alcohol

4) Learn to switch off and suppress emotion short term (when relevant) without alcohol


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