Do you want to drink less alcohol, but you’re not too sure where to start?

If this is the case, we can probably assume you are feeling unsure about what to focus on, and in the meantime, the clock is ticking by, along with more and more alcohol.

Is this happening in your life right now?

If so, chances are you haven’t heard of this crucial approach to drinking less & feeling fresh in 2022.

But, an important question remains…. Are you actually ready to change the way you view alcohol reduction and, in turn, dramatically reduce your intake?

Fantastic – let’s do this!

The No.1 thing we need to know together is this;

Learning to drink less alcohol is no different than learning leadership skills in the professional space.

That’s right. There is a huge misconception in the alcohol reduction industry that big drinkers require some kind of support deeper or more advanced than a professional working on themselves to become a better leader.

Almost as if a ‘big drinker’ doesn’t have the capacity to step up and lead themselves.

There’s an assumption (traditionally speaking) that ‘big drinkers’ need to step back for a moment rather than step up.

And this misunderstanding is causing more pain than good.

It’s often the very reason why big drinkers throw their hands in the air and continue drinking as they are.

Big drinkers don’t want to put a pause on life just to drink less alcohol.

They don’t want to be told they ‘can’t handle’ the life they have right now.

They don’t want to be told they need to ‘step down’ and reassess.

If anything, they want to immediately increase their level of success.

It’s probably the biggest motivator for drinking less in the first place. To step up and experience more of life. Whether that’s personally, professionally, or both.

So it only makes sense that something in your body doesn’t want to ‘step back’.

It only makes sense that there is a conflicting choice in your body.

The choice you want to drink less but also the choice to pick up that glass of wine.

You see, this is simply a misunderstanding that you apparently need to step back, and this view isn’t working for you, so you are left not knowing what to do.

Probably even left thinking, “What is wrong with me?”

Still reading?

Ok, well, today is the day you embark on your drink-less journey with a new thought in mind.

The thought that you are actually learning to walk through life as a leader.

Rather than learning how to quit drinking, you are learning how to manage your time, space & energy.

And guess what….

Time, space, and energy are the three keys any leader has learned to master.

That’s right. If you are trying to change your relationship with alcohol, you are actually becoming an incredible leader for yourself.

The traditional alcohol reduction industry often fails to mention this.

Almost as if you need to be ‘ok’ or ‘fixed/healed’ before you can lead yourself through this life.

Almost as if you need to quit drinking before you can lead. As if, you can’t be a drinker and a leader at the same time.

Well, guess what? You absolutely can.

And we truly believe that learning to lead before learning to drink less is crucial.

Becoming a leader will indirectly reduce your alcohol intake (if that’s what you want), but reducing your intake, won’t necessarily make you a leader.

It’s why so many Aussies experience detox and then wonder why they are still struggling after the detox. Or usually, they go straight back to drinking.

It’s because they didn’t learn to lead, step up and experience more of life.

They, unfortunately, stepped back from life. So when life was ‘turned back on’ so to speak, it all became too challenging, and a beverage was picked up faster than it takes to finish a glass of champagne at a wedding.

Oh yeah, it’s important to have a laugh on this journey, team.

Learning to lead should be fun, and if your alcohol reduction journey doesn’t have a splash of laughter, you’re missing the point of drinking less & feeling fresh – To enjoy life 🙂

So…… Here’s to all of you who are stepping up and becoming better leaders for yourselves.

For your colleagues, your families, and ultimately, the people who need the best from you.

Here’s to Drinking Less & Feeling Fresh,

Tom & The DLFF Team

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  1. Tanya 2 years ago

    This is the most refreshing take on reducing alcohol consumption that I’ve ever come across! I mean I LOVE a drink and especially for an occasion but sometimes it just gets to be too regular and then I get left feeling guilty, sluggish and hungover… which is really destructive when needing to be creative and running my own business! I hated the thought of having to make a choice to completely abstain for the rest of my life and have never known how to keep that snow ball from rolling…I certainly love feeling fresh and being in control!!

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