Well, this might be a painful pill to swallow.

So, grab a glass of water, swallow this piece of gold and watch your relationship flourish.  

It really isn’t that hard to have an incredible relationship and you don’t have to put up with crap, but… amazing relationships don’t just happen. You create them.

There’s no secret to an ever growing & fulfilling relationship however, if you are unhappy, complaining or just being a dick towards your partner, just think about this for a minute;

Your partner is choosing to spend their most valuable resource (time), which they are NEVER getting back, with you.

They are not yours.

You do not own them.

You can’t pick and choose when it’s convenient for you.

They can choose to walk away at any moment and the universe can choose to take them away any day.  

Now, if you aren’t treating that person like they may not be here tomorrow, you’re missing the fcking point.

No matter how long you’ve been together, or what the circumstances are, always remind yourself they may not be here tomorrow. Then act like it.

Anything less than this is coming from a place of entitlement.

  • Entitled that they should be with you.
  • Entitled that you will have more time together
  • Entitled thinking you will have tomorrow so may as well argue today
  • Entitled thinking they are yours to keep
  • Entitled thinking they need you more than you need them
  • Entitled thinking their love is only for you

Think about how you would behave and act if this person was to either walk away or physically leave this earth.

Would you still treat them the same way or would you show up differently?

If you actually apply this thinking, you may just notice many things change:

  • The way you talk to them
  • The way you treat them
  • The way you go out of your way to give them what they need
  • How often you show them love
  • How often you immediately drop the argument as you realise it is pointless
  • Trying to be heard will turn to listening
  • Your entitlement turn to gratitude
  • Your frustration turn to patience
  • Your anger turn to compassion
  • Your fear turn to love

And you only really need to be ticking 60% of the above for your relationship to flourish.

Whether it’s your first date or 50-year marriage.

If you’re not willing to show up like this for your partner, please stop searching for the secret to a fulfilling relationship.

No tool or exercise will ever be more powerful than your ability to stop, breathe and appreciate what you already have.

Dive deep into your heart and show up like time is running out.

Much love,

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