Have you ever listened to an awful radio station but left the station on, hoping it would get better?

Have you ever had an awful day? Maybe customer service was slow, traffic was at a stand still, no car spots where you wanted them. A day were everything seemed to be going wrong and you reminded yourself just how bad it was?

Personally, I have experienced all of the above.

I have also experienced the opposite. Just this week, business is booming, the sun is shining, traffic almost parts as I drive down the road and as I pull up to work a car spot opens up closer than ever. Oh, and not to mention, I just happened to play the best round of golf I have ever played.

You see, life itself is a lot like a radio station. What you tune into is generally what you get.

You just have one question to ask yourself.

What station am I tuned into?

At the time of writing this I am clearly tuned in to ‘Life’s Great FM’.

I mean, I won’t say I haven’t had my fair share of;

• ‘Life Sucks FM’
• ‘Life Is Not Fair FM’
• ‘It’s Not My Fault FM’
• ‘The Boss Hates me FM’
• ‘School Sucks FM’
• ‘Girls Are Crazy FM’…………and the list goes on.

So when you’re not enjoying your day, week or even year, ask yourself, what station have I been tuned into?

And like changing the radio station, life won’t change until you do something about it and flick the channel. Maybe it’s time to tune into a different station and see what starts to change along with it.

I do control the radio and I love what I’m hearing.

Come join me on ‘Life’s Great FM’.

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