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  • Curious & Cautious: You’re new to changing your relationship with alcohol. You don’t want to be drinking as much or as often as you currently are, but you also wouldn’t call yourself an ‘alcoholic’. You haven’t yet found the right solution that ‘suits you’.
  • Sick & Tired: You’re simply sick and tired of your current relationship with alcohol. You don’t want to be drinking as much or as often as you currently are, so you know it’s time to make a change. 30, 60 or 90 days alcohol free is necessary right now.
  • Excited, Longer Term Thinkers: You’re interested in creating a relationship with alcohol you love and respect. You don’t want to give up alcohol all together. You love the idea of controlling how much or how often you drink.

Check out what our members have to say​

Results - sleep better, think clearer, have lots of energy and the feeling of being strong, in control and proud is like... YES!

More honesty and authenticity with family and friends ! It's brought that into all areas of my life, knowing I can do it without the drinks ! Thx Tom Cartwright and our super supportive team ! New me !
Dry July Program
I commit to an alcohol free weekend ! You know that was hard from January to August ! Now it's almost easy most of the time ! Amazing ! How ? Be active in the group, watch Toms videos and read and respond to his posts , ask questions , believe in yourself . Know that you can handle this ! And when you can't reach out and ask for help !

It is so much help having a group like this, as I know everyone on here 'gets it'
Dry July Program
Roughly 6 weeks sober and i feel like, I'm now use to, not drinking. My cravings have subside and I wake up feeling fresh each morning. Keeping true to myself each day feels good.

For anyone struggling with the challenge, I completed the challenge a little while ago and now it is a struggle TOO drink.. Even though I drank most
Dry July Program
That the more weekends and events and social encounters I spend without alcohol the more present, confident and at peace I become

To make a new life for myself & my family, to be able to truly enjoy those presious moments 190, my health, being present! You guys rock! It's fantastic to be in a group that is understanding & I couldn't do it without your help
Dry July Program
So, I think I just went a week without thinking about booze!

It has become my normal.

I've also lost 18 kg, due partly to a low carb diet, but also due to cutting beer out. Physically, I feel better than I have for about fifteen years.

I still get the odd headache and occasionally grind my teeth in my sleep. I also feel far calmer and in control of my life, I find myself spending more time with my kids and more time being productive on my down time.

I really feel good.
June 5th
Before I started this journey I tired many times to give up the wine. What has been different this time is the support it's you guys and girls sharing your stories, your wins, big or small. I know I'm not alone and that makes it so much easier for me. Thank you Tom and all you wonderful people for sharing this journey with me.

Holy shit! (Am I allowed to say that????? LOL) 2 weeks in working with Tom and I am making the most incredible changes in my life. Love rocking with you Tom and all!
June 5th
Sunday morning without a hangover. I honestly don't remember the last time I wasn't hungover on a Sunday AM. So much easier to get up & going. Who would have thought..

I think I've broken it's back, it is now more or less normal to be sober, instead of it being more or less normal to be not. I'm really stoked and I feel great.
June 5th
Productivity levels has skyrocketed for me. My favourite part is being fresh when I wake up in the mornings. Another weekend, no alcohol. It's over 7 weeks now. Now committed to quitting smoking. Don't remember the last time I felt this good or had this much confidence. So far so awesome haha
June 5th

Here's What Our Drink Less Feel Fresh Members Receive Upon Joining...

👉 An Online Membership Area To Learn Exactly How To Overcome Alcohol (Including The 90 Day Drink Less Challenge Video Course & Workbook)
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👉 Group Mentoring & Support With Tom Cartwright To Overcome Daily Or Weekly Challenges Plus Weekly Live Q & A’s
($299 Value)

👉 Access To Monthly Live Masterclass Webinars With Tom Cartwright & Special Expert Guests
($299 Value)

👉 Access To Your Private Facebook Group For Weekly Support, Accountability & Connection To Others Already Succeeding

That's Already Over $1000 Worth Of Value In The Membership Alone...

Key Benefits & Ripple Effects from Drinking Less & Feeling Fresh

Reduced Anxiety
(Feeling clearer & calmer on a weekly basis)

Feeling More Confident
(Professionally & personally)

Increased Productivity Levels
(From procrastination to action)

Improved Sleep
(The ability to enjoy going to bed & wake with a smile)

Overall, the ability to enjoy being in your own body
(Thoughts & feelings they no longer want to escape from)

We Also Have Several FREE Bonuses For Members Who Decide To Join Us Today...

👉 BONUS 1: Our Premium Program The Live With Choice Relationship Program
(The 7 Pillars To Developing Your Identity & Strengthening Relationships)
($997 Value)

👉 BONUS 2: Behavioural Profiling Masterclass (Discover How & Why You Do Anything & Everything)
($197 Value)

👉 BONUS 3: Unlock Your Nutrition Potential Masterclass & Workbook with Resident Dietitian Jordan Kain
($197 Value)

👉 BONUS 4: Sober Sex Masterclass with Sexual Intimacy Expert Lauren Blundell
($197 Value)

👉 BONUS 5: Top 7 Sobriety Hack Series (How To Socialise Calmly & Confidently Without Alcohol)
($49 Value)

That's Over $1500 Worth Of BONUSES!

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So Close to Feeling Fresh

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most common question new members have is, what If I slip up?

We are Drink Less Feel Fresh for a reason. Abstinence is not the outcome, increased resilience and emotional intelligence is the outcome. So, if you slip up, continue the challenge, don’t even start again. Just get back up and keep going. When you reach 30, 60 or 90 days, look back and ask yourself if you are proud of your development.

No, it is not necessary to do 90 days.

The question to ask yourself is “What amount of time is long enough to really stretch myself and challenge me?

Do I want to experience 30, 60 or 90 days of sobriety? Or do I want to join the challenge and simply learn to decrease my intake along the way?Many of our members aren’t here for sobriety, they are here to lower their intake and change their relationship with alcohol over the next 3+ months.

These are the most common questions asked in the Facebook group and are answered in the weekly Live Videos. If you choose to remain sober at the event, the course provides you with the exact tools to experience success. Not only this, but you can experience the event feeling proud, calm and confident.

The only way you don’t succeed is if you never really start.

We don’t believe in abstinence and sobriety isn’t the destination. So if you stumble, fall down or even have a complete blow out for a period of time, pick yourself up and keep going. This is why we have created a subscription. You can do the challenge as many times as you like. You can go back to your old relationship with alcohol and then come back to begin a new challenge as often as you like. Our members love that this is the process rather than a ‘succeed or fail’ or ‘only a certain amount of time’ approach.

Remember, this program has been designed by Tom, who knows all to well what it’s like to make a decision and stumble a few times in the beginning. Let’s have some fun with this challenge.

As well as your online course, your private Facebook Group is there for 24/7 support. As well as weekly check-ins and weekly Facebook Live Q & A’s with Tom himself. You can also email us at any time of day.

Whilst it is highly suggested to join in with the members, you do not need to be active in the group. We provide you with everything needed for a successful challenge and it is your choice which support you tap into.

You will immediately receive access to your membership via email. Once you’ve received this access, you are a member (congratulations) and have access to the support promised to you.

This membership is a monthly subscription of $197pm. There is no joining fee, no minimum term and no cancellation fee. You can cancel your membership by emailing us at any time.

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So Close to Feeling Fresh

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