Betrayal can cause more psychological damage than grief and loss.

The things that end up hurting us the most are the things we were convinced were true at all costs.

Nothing leaves a scar more than totally believing in something with your heart and soul that turns out to not be what you thought it was.

  • A person
  • An Idea
  • An ideology
  • A guru
  • A method
  • A worldview
  • A business
  • A business partner

Betrayal can run deeper than grief. Grief and loss come with some kind of understanding.

Betrayal is loss AND ambiguity – the double whammy for psychological chaos.

Now the question is, do you run around trying to cling to the ‘right things’?


Do you take EVERYTHING lightly, openly knowing it’s all going to change?

Betrayal is brutal and the most amazing teacher because it makes you question your assumptions of others and then yourself.

The rumination that follows betrayal is your mind trying to UPDATE ITSELF! Integrating the blind spots.

Imagine getting a virus and watching your body deal with it and upgrade itself all by itself.

I urge everyone to NOT escape rumination with…

  • booze
  • screens
  • food
  • over-exercising
  • self-medication

Otherwise, you’re stopping your natural software update.

That’s right. Alcohol interrupts your body’s approach to updating itself both mentally and emotionally.

In turn, sabotaging your ability to handle the future in a more dynamic and powerful way.

Setbacks in life are experiences to learn from yet many of us drink to avoid the lessons or learnings.

Drinking less alcohol is less about drinking less and more about performing at a higher level.

If you want to drink less alcohol, you’re simply looking to increase your performance levels.

And that’s pretty cool!

Keep at it team – You’re on the right track

Here’s to drinking less & feeling fresh,

Tom Cartwright & Nat Hodges


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