Every single year, our DLFF Community wants to drink less & less.

They start with a detox.

The next year they do four detoxes.

The next year they do four detoxes and seem to only ever have two odd drinks in one sitting.

The next year members do four detoxes, never really get ‘drunk’ & then only pick up a drink once a week or every fortnight.

Following on from this, they enter the realm of life beyond alcohol.

It’s fascinating to watch.

Watching someone evolve from reliance on alcohol to choice about their intake and then to the epiphany that it’s simply not even needed anymore.

“People tend to overestimate what they can achieve in one year and underestimate what they can achieve in 5 or 10.”

‘Needing’ to go sober from day one is both unrealistic & dramatically difficult.

I invite you to give yourself a 12-month window. Look at 2023 as the year you completely change your relationship with alcohol.

Don’t judge yourself on what you can accomplish in one week or one month. Make a judgement on yourself on what you can accomplish over 2023.

If you approach your alcohol reduction journey like this, I have no doubt next year you’ll tell me about how you drink 80% less and feel good about it rather than still ‘forcing it to happen’.

Oh, and when that day comes, I’ll take a large almond cap, a hug, and a “thanks for helping me solve a problem I’ve secretly wanted to for years”!


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