RUOK Day is Tomorrow and along with letting people know it’s ok to speak up, I thought I’d share something:

I spent years wearing a mask. My ego fought against and masked my truth.

This led me to alcohol, gambling, fistfights and a whole lot more. These behaviours then led me to anxiety, guilt, shame & depressed states.

It simply, f*cking sucked!

And it felt like no one even knew the depths of the pain.

BUT, The greatest gift I ever gave myself was the gift of embracing vulnerability.

I sat in a professional coaches office at the age of 23 and was asked a very important question- “Tom, who are you?”

For the first time in my life, I didn’t have a cheeky comment or smart-ass answer.

A tear came to my eye and I broke down in tears for the next 30 minutes.

Even though I showed the world I could drink excessively and loved fistfights, I sat in this grown man’s office and wept.

And a really odd thing occurred.

I realised that vulnerability wasn’t this weak, scary, soft like behaviour. I realised vulnerability was the strongest and most powerful behaviour I had access to.

And to think of it, that’s the day I stopped thinking I had problems and realised I had gifts I was yet to access or even be aware of.

It ain’t weak to speak

We care
I care
You’ve got this

Talk soon xx


It ain’t weak to speak
We care
I care
You’ve got this  💪💪
Talk soon xx


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