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Do You Want to Reduce Your Alcohol Intake – But Still Enjoy A Beverage From Time to Time?

We Help Business Owners & Professionals Reduce Their Intake, Without Having To Go Completely Sober!

Most business owners & professionals are trying to reduce their alcohol intake by simply forcing themselves not to drink. They’ll wake up one morning feeling a bit of guilt and regret and decide not to do it again. But here’s the problem with that, 99% of these people are white knuckling it through a few days out of sheer willpower trying desperately not to stuff it all up by drinking again. Which inevitably, only leads to more drinking a few days later. Leading to a re-cycled process of frustration, guilt and feeling like they are back to square one.

So what we do instead, is walk our members through our 6 Pillar Rebuild Program. Which allows us to take any hard-working business owner or professional, through this system, so they can quickly regain control of their alcohol intake, and start feeling confident again, without having to go completely sober. Which ultimately means, our members can get back to the things that truly matter most for them. The freedom of running their own business, confidently managing their professional careers and creating quality family time with those they love. All with the newfound choice of whether they do or do not drink.

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If you want to lower your alcohol intake, but find it difficult in today’s society or you’re not too sure where to start, these hacks will be perfect for you!

The Top 7 Sobriety Hacks will kick-start what you can do right now to reduce your drinking and ultimately learn how to socialise confidently without alcohol.

Meet Our Founder


Tom Cartwright is the Founder of Drink Less Feel Fresh & one of Australia’s leading coaches for alcohol reduction. His passion for working with clients to overcome alcohol challenges and live a life of choice has been fuelled from his own inspiring story.

After struggling for many years with gambling and drinking addictions, Tom decided to gamble on himself, go all in on his future and master the art of overcoming addictive behaviours.

He has built his successful coaching practice from working with one-on-one clients across the globe & now specialises with this head-turning approach to alcohol reduction – Drinking Less & Feeling Fresh!

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